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The Dots!!


Getting Creative with Dots!

Incorporating the old and new logo colours in 2017, the dots are an imaginative way for our local businesses to promote the festival.

“Back to the Future” is the theme, and could be interpreted in a number of ways. What is your vision of what Myrtleford could be like in the future? How will we be living and learning, technology, transportation, industries.  Of course the theme is not compulsory.

Five colours creates a lot of different options….

Official Program – Check it out!

The Official 2017 Program

Program coverCongratulations to our small team, we have put together a sensational program. Click here to download the full PDF copy.

Planning is underway for a whole new festival in 2017

Our committee are busy at work creating a whole new program and format for the 2017 Myrtleford Festival. There will be some exciting changes taking place, so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page over the next few months for news on the latest developments.